Most women do something that turns males off… Without Being Aware of It


One of the most attractive qualities of women is their natural concern for others.

Take a look at yourself. You’re constantly available to your man. You are in charge of him. You’re always willing to make time for him. You’d go to any length for him.

You never notice it when you’re in the middle of it…

You’re really depriving him of something. You’re robbing him of his purpose.

He wants to be your only hero, you see. He does not want you to be his hero.


Heroes are adored by men. Consider how many mature guys are still enthralled by Marvel comics and superhero films.

Every guy on the planet has fantasized since he was a child about being the type of hero who would rescue the world while also getting the lady.

Most men’s 9-5 occupations do not allow them to satisfy their world-saving side.

The circumstances do not call for them to sever their business connections and leap into action, displaying their superman side. Maybe they won’t be able to protect the world. They can, however, still acquire the girl.

Getting the lady is a worthwhile endeavor for an average man with a superhero’s heart. It demands incredible self-assurance. A charm that is unrivaled. Superhuman pain resistance. All he has to do now is…

A girl in need of a hero. Do You Require a Hero? Let me make a guess… That isn’t you.

You’re a fighter. You’re self-sufficient. A dripping faucet may be fixed. You have the ability to drive a stick shift. You are ready to look for yourself. You’ll never make the Jerry Maguire error of looking for a guy to complete you.

You, however, have a lot to offer a guy. You’re really kind. Kind. Loving. Giving to a flaw. All you want is to meet a guy who is open to receiving all you have to offer.

That’s why heroes don’t appear in your life. That’s why you’ve had so many takers instead. Guys who take all you have and then abandon you. You must advertise for a hero if you want one. This is how.

3 Ways to Invite a Hero into Your Life Beginning Today

  1. Ask a man for aid.

Inquire with him about purchasing a new computer. Request that he listen to the strange rattling sound that has begun in your automobile. Request that he reach for something on the top shelf. Then, with a wide grin of gratitude, thank him cordially. No, it does not imply that you are needy. It transforms you into a woman who has room in her life for a guy.

  1. Enjoy being in the presence of men.

Guys like women who admire guys just for being men. So what if his abode is a sports shrine? So what if he spends hours putting together his fantasy football team? So what if his definition of clean is the one with the fewest wrinkles? He’s a man. It’s all right. You don’t need him to be more like you since you’ve already taken care of the feminine half of the gender equation.

  1. Allow him to earn your respect.

Superheroes like a good challenge. They don’t want to be rewarded with a gold medal just for turning up. They don’t want your affection served to them on a silver platter. They want to work for it. A challenge is something guys seek even more than a woman’s everlasting unending love. So give him chances to show himself. You are not required to perform the task of persuading him. Sit back, relax, and let him have the pleasure of earning your appreciation.

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