The Strangest Desire of Men (And how it can drive him insane for you.)


Have you ever been drawn to a man but had no idea why?
Perhaps you’ve even experienced emotions for someone you don’t want to be attracted to. What causes this to happen?

How can you form a relationship while your conscious mind is resisting it?

Such encounters provide a glimpse into the unseen realm that fuels our sentiments of romantic desire. That secret universe revolves entirely on emotional reactions. We don’t have conscious control over our emotional responses.

The fact is that we do not choose to fall in love. It’s more akin to being thirsty. You did not decide to get dehydrated. You happen to notice it. And the more intense your hunger grows, the more difficult it is to ignore.

What if I told you that all men have a kind of relationship, “thirst”? A hunger that he would never be able to satiate on his own. Do you want to know why he’s so thirsty?

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That illustrates how you may arouse his desire for what he needs and desires. In addition, I’ll teach you how to guarantee that you are the ONLY one on whom he relies on fulfilling this intense need.

Here’s why the guy in your life won’t tell you what he wants most out of his relationship with you…

… He’s too ashamed, to tell the truth. That’s because acknowledging this desire pushes him farther away from his aim. Here’s why…

Consider a lady who is irritated because her partner never does anything romantic. Finally, she breaks down and expresses her wish to be romanced and pursued by him.

But he responds as though she’s being unreasonable, asking that she specify one aspect of the relationship that’s lacking. As a result, she provides him with an example. “It would be lovely to have flowers now and again.” It’s just the little stuff like that.”

He delivers her flowers the following day. The charm of this move, though, is lacking. Because receiving flowers when you have to beg for them does not seem special.

It’s the same with males, but with a different kind of connection requirement. Men, you see, have an insatiable need for your adoration.

But he can’t request it. “Julie, I genuinely like you, but here’s what’s lacking in our relationship,” he can’t say. You don’t respect me enough. You seem to have more admiration for other guys in your life, which makes it difficult for me to envision a future with you.”

He can’t say it since guys feel that you have to earn someone’s admiration. Asking for it is akin to attempting to get popularity by proclaiming that you are a cool person. That is not how it works.

Only when you communicate the nonverbal language of praise will he feel like your hero. He’ll have to read between the lines of what you say and do.

“That’s not so insane, is it?” you may be thinking. “I can see why a guy needs adulation.” But if that’s what you’re thinking, there’s something crucial I need to tell you.


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